For MOVEit Managed File Transfer

MOVEit Transfer (DMZ)

Writing custom VBS scripts in Tasks

This is a brief introduction into composing custom visual basic scripts for MOVEit Automation. Includes a sample script that could easily be used in its current form. Explains where to go for more examples if they are needed.

Replacing regular Microsoft FTP with MOVEit Freely and XFER

This article describes replacing Microsoft FTP client with Ipswitch MOVEit Freely or MOVEit XFER. A description of each is included, explaining some of the benefits that they bring. The article also explains why it might be better to select MOVEit XFER over MOVEit Freely.

Using MOVEit Transfer Ad Hoc module to send files

Description of the MOVEit Transfer/DMZ Ad Hoc module which allows users to send emails containing links to files to download. The article includes information on configuration, as well as explaining how to send a package. Screenshots are included.

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