What is WS_FTP Server?

WS FTP Server

WS_FTP is a proven, effective, easy-to-use file transfer solution.  It secures data in transit whilst integrating programmable methodologies so as to simplify file transfer tasks and improve efficiency.  WS-FTP helps organisations to improve control, visibility and security of file transfer activities, implementing safeguards against information leaks and data breaches

Key Features of Ipswitch WS_FTP

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File Transfer Control

Control user access and permissions and gain real-time visibility to file transfer activities.
Remotely administer or manage your server from any Internet connection. Assign user or group permissions for uploading, downloading, deleting, renaming files and creating directories. Enable file transfers over FTP, SSH / SFTP, and SSL / FTPS (Implicit and Explicit).

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Encryption in Transit

Advanced security features include 256-bit AES encryption, SSH transfers, Secure Copy (SCP2), file integrity, SMTP server authentication, SSL certificate support, an SSH listener option, login authentication encryption, digital certificate management, and mutual authentication of server and clients.

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Powerful Administration

Control file transfer activities with external authentication, LDAP queries and wide range of administrative tools for customisation.
Powerful admin features include support for virtual servers, end user email notification, end user folder controls and IP whitelists for end user authentication.

Ipswitch WS_FTP Integrated Modules

You can add the modules below to enhance the capabilities of WS_FTP server. Each of the following features can be utilised with WS_FTP server to enhance its capabilities and customise your solution as you need it.

Ad Hoc Secure Email

Ad Hoc Secure Email

MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer gives end-users a secure and regulatory-compliant way, using their browser or Outlook, to quickly send messages and files of any size to other people in a way that is visible and managed by IT.

  • External users can self-register
  • Customisable Text and Graphics
  • Quick Access with Web Browsers
  • Microsoft Outlook Support
Web Transfer

Web Transfer

Web Transfer module enables employees and external business partners to transfer files, data and other critical business information securely between their computers and the FTP Server over HTTPS using a web browser.

  • Easy to use
  • Web based
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Unlimited End Users

Additional WS_FTP option



WS FTP Server can now be configured to support automatic, unattended failover, enabling your organization to achieve high availability for your file transfer processes. WS FTP Server uses cluster technology so file servers, databases, and applications perform clean and automated failovers – in fact, it’s the same technology that Microsoft uses in its operating systems for years.

Simple, Yet Effective Failover

The failover option of WS_FTP Server minimizes the risk of file transfer failure and ensures business continuity related to your file transfers, giving you the ability to:

  • Provide continuous service to file transfer users
  • Increase application uptime, reliability, and performance
  • Align with Microsoft best practices on high availability
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with systems that are “always on”
  • Reduce costs and eliminate lost revenue from system downtime

Ipswitch WS_FTP Pricing Packages

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