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MOVEit Transfer

Managed File Transfer (MFT) software

What is MOVEit Transfer?

MOVEit Transfer (formerly known as MOVEit DMZ or MOVEit File Transfer) supports the exchange of files and data between servers, systems and applications within and between organisations, as well as between groups and individuals using a common shared folder with simple browser access for users. MOVEit Transfer supports the ease of access and secure file transfer that meets or exceeds an organisation’s security and compliance requirements.

Key Features of MOVEit Transfer

Secure Sensitive Data Files

Protect data when it is most vulnerable. Secure your critical data in transit and at rest with advanced security features and proven encryption (FIPS 140-2 validated AES-256 cryptography). Enforce user, system, and file security policies while controlling the movement of sensitive files. Leverage user authorization/authentication, and delivery confirmation, non-repudiation, and hardened platform configurations.

MOVEit Transfer secure files
MOVEit Transfer reduce data risk

Reduce the Risk of Data Loss

Control the who and how of data transfers. Track the movement and status of every file – all of the time. Gain detailed visibility to all data interactions, including files, events, people, policies, and processes. Manage how sensitive information is moved between partners, customers, users, and systems.

Assure Regulatory Compliance

Easily implement security controls and establish an audit trail.Because transfers are logged in a tamper-evident database, MOVEit Transfer complies with ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, SOX, BASEL I/II/III, FIPS, FISMA, GLBA, FFIEC, ITAR, and other data privacy regulations. It provides pre-defined and customizable reports and logging of all data interactions, including files, events, people, policies, and processes.

MOVEit Transfer compliance standards
MOVEit Transfer flexible deployment

Flexible Deployment and Access Options

A broad range of client options supports mobile, web and Outlook access. MOVEit Transfer’s flexible architecture supports scalability or availability demands with a web farm implementation. Domain-based or username-based multi-tenancy configurations are also supported. User access can be securely controlled via Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and user-class-based password expiration policies.

Share Files Globally

Transfer files in any language, anywhere in the world. Upload and download filenames in any language from MOVEit Transfer and our Ad-Hoc or Mobile clients. Enable end-users with local language support including French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Traditional or Simplified Chinese.

MOVEit Transfer share files globally

MOVEit Transfer Modules

You can add the modules below to enhance the capabilities of MOVEit Transfer. Each of the following features can be utilised with MOVEit Transfer to enhance its capabilities and customise your solution as you need it.

Ad Hoc Secure Email

MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer gives end-users a secure and regulatory-compliant way, using their browser or Outlook, to quickly send messages and files of any size to other people in a way that is visible and managed by IT.

  • External users can self-register
  • Customisable Text and Graphics
  • Quick Access with Web Browsers
  • Microsoft Outlook Support


MOVEit Mobile enables mobile workers to reliably and productively participate in file-based business process workflows while providing IT with the security, visibility and control required to confidently run their business and meet compliance requirements.

  • Enables mobile users to participate in business processes
  • Supports most popular devices iOS & Android
  • Visibility and control of mobile file transfers by IT 
  • Customisable

MOVEit API interface

The MOVEit API interface and clients offer third-party programs (including Web applications) programmatic access to a wide variety of MOVEit Transfer (DMZ) services and administrative capabilities.

  • Create, transfer and delete files, messages and Web form postings
  • Create, manage and delete users, folders and permissions
  • Securely store files, messages and Web form postings
  • Run pre-defined reports and create and run custom reports
  • Utilize the built-in MOVEit user database
  • Retrieve detailed status and report data about the above


MOVEit Analytics is a flexible reporting and monitoring solution for MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation that ensures reliable, cost-effective, and auditable file transfers between employees, customers and trading partners.

  • Interactive Activity Monitor
  • Report Templates
  • Report Builder
  • Consolidated Reporting 
  • Advanced Schedule
  • Automate report generation
  • Role-based Access Control
  • Policy Management
  • Browser-based UI

How much does MOVEit Transfer cost?

Most MOVEit Transfer solutions fall into the £11,000 – £50,000 range however we’ve implemented solutions at three times that amount too. Support contracts are typically 20-30% of the licence cost per year.

It’s not easy to compare or put an exact figure on MOVEit Transfer pricing without knowing the use case you have and what potential modules you may need. Our team is here to help you get exactly the right solution for your needs and budget and only paying for what you need!

Looking for MOVEit Transfer Pricing? Let us know your details and we can work out exactly what you need and provide a price.

Additional MOVEit Transfer options

MOVEit Transfer gateway


Ipswitch Gateway provides a DMZ proxy function that enables deployments of MOVEit Transfer within secured networks (behind the firewall) to meet the advanced compliance requirements often associated with data protection regulations such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

  • Meet Enhanced Security Requirements: Ensure compliance with oversight groups such as the SEC, FINRA and FCA and regulations such as GDPR, PCI, HIPAA and FISMA and DPA.
  • Safeguard Sensitive Data: Ensure that file transfer activities are protected behind multiple layers of security minimizing the risk to secured networked resources, sensitive data and authentication services.
MOVEit Transfer failover


MOVEit stores data in the following places: the Windows registry, settings and state files, the Windows Certificate Store and in OpenPGP keyring files as well as either Microsoft SQL Server or the built‐in MySQL statistics database.

Ipswitch Failover automatically replicates its settings (e.g., Tasks, Hosts, Task Groups, Debug Settings), state information (e.g., new file timestamps), OpenPGP keyrings, certificates and keys, custom scripts and statistics from the Primary to the Secondary. Registry entries and file cache entries are not replicated; there are only a handful of “installation‐time” registry settings (e.g., the product license key), and the file cache is unique to each system that hosts the Primary and Secondary nodes.

MOVEit Transfer high availability

High Availability

MOVEit Transfer has a flexible architecture that delivers scalability and high availability. This document provides an overview of MOVEit Transfer, how its high availability capabilities work, and what resources are required to implement them.

Tiered Architecture and Web Farm Support
MOVEit Transfer has a flexible architecture that can be deployed on one, two or more systems and in various configurations depending on your business, technology, and security requirements..

Pro2col’s MOVEit Transfer Services

Pro2col has been an Ipswitch Platinum Partner in the UK since 2009 and can provide detailed MOVEit specific support, training, professional services and software purchases or upgrades. Our technical team includes one of the UK’s leading experts and there is no MOVEit project too big or small that we wouldn’t be interested in helping with.

MOVEit Installation

Having achieved Gold Partner status with Ipswitch File Transfer, we pride ourselves on the quality of our installations.
Pro2col has a team of trained technicians with many years’ experience of MOVEit products, who are ready to work closely with you either remotely or onsite during the design and implementation phases of your software installation.

Support & Maintenance

With years of experience behind them, Pro2col technicians are Ipswitch Certified and perfectly placed to be able to provide support on the entire MOVEit suite of products.
Our professional services team can operate as a local UK support service for you when things go wrong or you need help. Paired with this you will receive version upgrades to the products when they occur.


Pro2col is Ipswitch’s only Authorised Training Centre for MOVEit File Transfer software in the UK. Having written Ipswitch’s official training for them and ran many successful training courses, Pro2col is well placed to educate your staff. Training courses can be executed remotely, on-site, or in one of our classrooms. Trainers are always experienced Ipswitch certified support staff.

MOVEit Health Check

Already have MOVEit Transfer? Because of the volume of data that passes through the system, it requires regular system maintenance to keep performing at  the optimum efficiency. Pro2col technicians have extensive knowledge of MOVEit software and can help you achieve smooth operations of your system by performing a review on or off site.

Pro2col has been the highest partner level with what was Ipswitch and now Progress since 2009 (currently at Titanium level) and has successfully implemented a great many solutions, across various vertical markets, including the first dedicated cloud automation solution globally.

David Clyde

Partner Account Manager, Progress


“Pro2col were friendly, efficient and always on hand to answer any questions we had. MOVEit was deployed smoothly, met our requirements, budget and time frame.”

Mark Holman

PSN Architect, Cambridgeshire County Council


“I received great service in my dealings with the Pro2col account manager and technical support team.”

Barry Hook

Technical Application Support Team Leader, Bibby Financial Services

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MOVEit Transfer FAQ’s

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