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MOVEit Transfer

MOVEit Transfer (formerly known as MOVEit DMZ or MOVEit File Transfer) supports the exchange of files and data between servers, systems and applications within and between organisations, as well as between groups and individuals using a common shared folder with simple browser access for users. MOVEit Transfer supports the ease of access and secure file transfer that meets or exceeds an organisation’s security and compliance requirements.
  • Gain greater visibility and control

    Track the movement and status of every file – at any time – from a central server with MOVEit Transfer. Gain better visibility and control over file activity within minutes of adoption and never have to guess about the location of a file again.

  • Leverage Existing Security Infrastructure

    Relieve security stress and centrally manage user authentication via integration to existing security infrastructure. MOVEit Transfer provides standards-based ICAP integration to DLP and antivirus systems, SAML 2.0 integration to IdP systems, and native integration to AD/LDAP services.

  • Ensure File Transfers Continue During Failures

    Many organisations require mission-critical solutions be available 24/7. MOVEit Transfer has a flexible architecture that delivers scalability, high availability and turnkey disaster recovery.

  • Drive user Adoption via Simple, Familiar Client Access

    MOVEit Transfer provides single sign-on across all clients and supports a broad range of clients including: mobile devices, web browsers, and Outlook client. Users have a consistent, intuitive user experience across phone, tablet, and desktop browsers.

  • Protect Files at all Times

    Secure sensitive data in transit and at rest with proven encryption (FIPS 140-2 validated AES), receiver authentication, and delivery confirmation. MOVEit Transfer also lets you enforce user, system, and file security policies. Control the movement of sensitive files via integration with DLP systems.

  • Meet SLAs and Compliance Requirements

    With reports of data in its tamper-evident database, MOVEit Transfer makes it easy to comply with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, and Sarbanes-Oxley.


Ad Hoc File Transfer Module

Person-to-person file transfer to address employees’ risky personal file sharing behaviour. Find out more…

API Interface

Get programmatic access to MOVEit Transfer to improve web application integration and automated account provisioning. Find out more…

High Availability

Ensure 100% availability with our optional web farm architecture. Find out more…

Mobile Module

Productivity for the mobile workforce, protection for the organisation and control for IT. Find out more…

Additional Organisations

Multiple organisation configuration where different divisions or departments use separate branding, folders and authentication. Find out more…

Analytics Module

Flexible reporting and monitoring solution for MOVEit Transfer that ensures reliable, cost-effective, and auditable file transfers between employees, customers and trading partners. Find out more…

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MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ) Deployment