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Enterprise-class Cloud Managed File Transfer

Progress MOVEit Cloud (formerly Ipswitch MOVEit Cloud), offers the best of both worlds – the full functionality of MOVEit™ with the convenience of cloud-based deployment and UK hosting. This gives you a faster, more reliable way to manage all file transfer activity from a central hub. MOVEit Cloud takes care of the day to day operational compliance of a managed file transfer solution. More and more business-critical information moves electronically between employees, customers, partners, and applications. IT professionals need solutions that move files efficiently, securely, and reliably to get work done. Managing infrastructure for business processes means IT teams face challenges around file transfer automation and integration whether it includes people, systems, or applications. Additionally, IT needs to ensure systems meet both governance and compliance requirements and must be able to prove compliance with ever-changing business processes, corporate policies and government regulations. Finally, end users need solutions that let them easily transfer files, in accordance with IT policy, and without constraints or file size limits.

Managed MOVEit Cloud

Key Features of Progress MOVEit Cloud

Security You Can Trust

Security You Can Trust

MOVEit Cloud protects your most valuable asset – your data – by incorporating essential security measures for cloud services such as end-to-end encryption including storage encryption (“data at rest”); non-repudiation; FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography; intrusion detection and vulnerability scans; full control over user access and permissions; centralized user authentication and single sign-on via SAML 2.0 integration to IdP systems; separation of administrator duties; audit trails of all activities; separate encryption keys for each customer and each file; and only users you authorise to have access to the contents of your files. MOVEit Cloud is the first managed file transfer (MFT) service provider to fully support HIPAA, HITECH and HIPAA Omnibus standards, PCI DSS certification, Common Criteria certification and OWASP Top Ten list of security vulnerabilities. UK hosting is available.

Predictability You Can Count On

Predictability You Can Count On

Today’s organizations need maximum uptime to meet SLAs, ensure mission-critical transfers don’t fail, provide superior customer service, and deliver “always-on” access to MFT solutions. MOVEit Cloud provides all of this and more with a 99.9% uptime SLA (outside of scheduled maintenance). MOVEit Cloud incorporates business continuity and disaster recovery assurances and leverages a highly available load-balanced web-farm environment to minimize downtime and prevent data loss, even in the event of a major unplanned service failure or disaster. MOVEit Cloud is hosted in a geographically dispersed server infrastructure complete with continuous datacenter replication to ensure that strict uptime and SLAs are met.

Ipswitch Messageway

Automate File Transfer Processes

MOVEit Cloud is designed to work with Ipswitch’s MOVEit Automation solution, enabling organizations to easily automate the exchange of files between the various internal and business partner servers, systems and applications that supply and process those files.

MOVEit Cloud Options

MOVEit Cloud Options

MOVEit Cloud Secure Email Attachments: Gives users a secure way to quickly send files of unlimited size and messages to other people using their browser or Outlook. The Secure Email Attachment option enables person-to-person file transfer in a visible and well-managed way.
API Interface: Provides third-party programs with programmatic access to a wide variety of MOVEit Cloud services and administrative capabilities to improve web application integration and automated account provisioning.
PCI or HIPAA Compliance Toolkit:  An annual subscription for MOVEit Cloud’s certification as part of an overall PCI or HIPAA assessment by a qualified assessor.

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