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What's new with WhatsUp Gold?

Moveit technical experts take a look at the new WhatsUp Gold Free Edition

WhatsUp Gold is one of the industry’s leading network monitoring tools, chances are it’s been part of every network administrators career at some point. Trusted by tens of thousands of the most well-known companies in the world it is routinely used by an array of organisations, small, medium and large. Now - Progress have announced a free version of their industry-leading network monitoring tool - so the team of Pro2col have dived in to take a look at what's up with it. 

The popularity of WhatsUp Gold owes much to the strength and quality of features that can be leveraged within the solution. Key features include: automatic network map generation, Azure & AWS monitoring, SNMP, WMI and customisable dashboards, all as standard.

One major strength of WhatsUp Gold is the short setup times required with basic deployments taking less than an hour. Another real asset is WhatsUp Gold’s level of depth and customisation, organisations can tailor the solution to fit their unique requirements.



WhatsUp Gold Free Edition now available

Progress has recently announced the release of the WhatsUp Gold Free Edition, giving users the chance to monitor their network at no extra cost.

Users can take advantage of 20 points of key WhatsUp Gold features like network discovery, mapping, alerting, reporting and virtual monitoring. This is the perfect starter pack for smaller companies, whilst the paid version would be more suitable for larger organisations with more complex networks.

Although, no matter the size of your business the WhatsUp Gold Free Edition is a good opportunity to test drive the software if you haven’t used it before.

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Is WhatsUp Gold Free Edition suitable for you?

This is designed to give you an alternative to some of the low cost or freemium networking solutions in the marketplace. Businesses on a tight budget could find some real value here at no risk.

Something to keep in mind is that the free version does not include any technical or customer support, or Failover Manager services that allow you to reduce network monitoring downtime.

With that being said, the free version is still very commendable in terms of what it does offer. It's a great idea from the team over at Progress. Supply a network monitoring solution that can grow in tandem with a new (or growing) business. 

Experts in WhatsUp Gold

With Pro2col’s acquisition of Advanced Cyber Solutions towards the end of 2021, Chris Payne joined Pro2col as Technical Director. Having worked with WhatsUp Gold for over 10 years, his technical expertise is a welcome addition to Pro2col’s expanding team of experts.

Learn more about WhatsUp Gold and the Free Edition here.


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