WhatsUp Gold Free Edition

Monitor Your Network at No Extra Cost with Twenty Points of WhatsUp Gold Features

Keep your business running smoothly 

No matter what you do, networks have the potential to go down at any given time. However, you can control how your business reacts more efficiently.

Get real time alerts without delay with the WhatsUp Gold Free Edition. Intuitive workflows and easy customisation help you reduce Mean Time To Restore System (MTTRs), so you can be proactive with your network monitoring and not just reactive.




What's Included



20 points of features

Allocate any of the 20 WhatsUp Gold features any way you like. Award-winning features include network discovery, mapping, alerting, reporting and virtual monitoring.

Monitor up to 20 devices at once or up to 10 devices while taking advantage of add-on features like log management, network traffic and application performance monitoring.


Use Current Version

WhatsUp Gold Free Edition require renewal 12 months after installation. This means you'll always be using the current version.

You'll be notified 30 days before expiration of the license so you can download the latest WhatsUp Gold Free Edition and install it over your current implementation- all without losing data or configurations


In-App Upgrades

When your requirements change, upgrading is simple. 

The paid edition of WhatsUp Gold will let you build on the WhatsUp Gold Free Edition.

Upgrade directly from within WhatsUp Gold Free Edition without the need to reinstall.


What's not included?


More Than 20 Points of Key Features

WhatsUp Gold Free Edition supports up to 20 points only that can be used to monitor 20 devices or 10 devices with add-on features.

If you require more than 20 points, please contact us in order to upgrade to a paid edition of WhatsUp Gold.

Customer & Technical Support

Customer or technical support is not included with WhatsUp Gold Free Edition.

Free Edition users are welcome to take advantage of built-in help files, online documentation and the WhatsUp Gold Knowledge base on the Progress Community.

If you require further support, please contact our team in order to upgrade to a paid edition of WhatsUp Gold.

Configuration Management & Failover

Configuration Management is not included with the WhatsUp Gold Free Edition.

The Free Edition does support not failover manager to reduce network monitoring downtime. Failover Manager reduces costly downtime by automatically taking action in the event of a primary system failure.

If you require WhatsUp Gold Failover Manager, please contact our team in order to upgrade to a paid edition of WhatsUp Gold.