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MOVEit User Group Event Highlights

Find out what was discussed and vote for feature requests

Pro2col hosted our first MOVEit UK & Ireland User Group on 29th September 2021.

The online event provided a platform for current MOVEit users to discover the latest hints and tips to get their MOVEit solution working harder for them.

Sessions were tailored to current trends within the industry and MOVEit in particular, giving delegates the opportunity to learn from technical experts and network with industry professionals.

Speakers included:

    • Technical Consultant, Richard Auger who has years of experience within the MFT industry and MOVEit in particular. He has previously written the official MOVEit training for them.
    • Solution Consultant, Brent Adonis also joined the line up from Progress. Having worked at Progress for over 21 years in various roles, he was well placed to take us through the MOVEit development plans for the year(s) ahead.
    • James Lewis, founder and Managing Director of Pro2col
    • Ailsa Gibbs, MFT Consultant with over 10 years MFT experience.
    • A guest appearance was also made by Chris Payne Director of Advanced Cyber Solutions, who shared his knowledge at the Q & A roundtable.

Feature requests: Please vote via the Progress Community

Attendees were invited to ask questions and discuss issues. This prompted a number of feature requests. Pro2col MOVEit expert Richard Auger has submitted the following requests on behalf of attendees, via the Pro2col Community. From there, MOVEit users can vote for requests that will most make a difference to them. The more votes a request receives, the more quickly it will make its way onto the product development plan.

We would like to encourage Pro2col customers to vote for the following feature requests, which were raised at the event:

    • Automation – Language Support – Can you implement language support in Automation for file handling, rather than just the GUI? Vote for this feature request.
    • Transfer – Announcement Enhancements – Allow URL links in announcements. Also (optionally) remove the group name at the end of the announcement. Vote for this feature request.
    • Automation – Datelists – Although this works well in the old VB GUI, there are issues with datelists in the web GUI. Would it be possible to display the list as one entry per line and make it sortable? Vote for this feature request.
    • Automation – S3 transfer types – Allow different transfer types other than application/octet-stream (e.g. actual content-type). Vote for this feature request.
    • Automation – File Overwrite – Add an option to Automation that when a destination file exists and overwrite is not selected, the transfer is not marked as a failure. Vote for this feature request.
    • Automation – Last Run time – It is not possible to see the last execution time of tasks if it was more than 30 days (or whatever ‘Trim Old Stats’ value is used). Add another table to the DB to contain the last execution date of tasks. This table to be populated from the taskruns table each day for all new task executions. As long as the table is not cleared down, it should never grow particularly large. Vote for this feature request.
    • Automation – S3 Key Rotation – Some organisations require that S3 access keys are rotated periodically. Would it be possible to implement this by performing a lookup into a database? A similar proposal would also be useful for password management in ‘regular’ FTP/SFTP hosts. Vote for this feature request.

Agenda: Watch sessions again

Whether you missed sessions the first time round, or would like to watch them again, recordings are available.

Key sessions included:

    • An overview of the MFT marketplace (James Lewis): Based on Pro2col’s partnership with Gartner, this session went over the future of the MFT marketplace. Watch here.
    • An introduction from MOVEit (Ailsa Gibbs and John McGarvie): This explored how much Progress reinvest in research, development and engineering especially for MOVEit. Watch here.
    • MOVEit Automation (Richard Auger): Richard showed us examples of how businesses are using MOVEit Automation successfully. Watch here.
    • MOVEit Transfer and Information Security: The latest best practice and reviews for new security features. Watch here.
    • Roadmap (Brent Adonis): A deep dive into the MOVEit development plan for the year(s) ahead. (Available on request, due to confidential roadmap information. Please email for access)
    • Cloud Migration (Ailsa Gibbs): Ailsa went over the differences between on-premises and Cloud MOVEit, helping businesses decide when the best time to migrate is. Watch here.
    • Live Q &A and one-to-one meetings.

Any question answered

One of the key benefits of an online event is the ability for individuals to seamlessly interact, whether by the live chat box, asking questions directly during the Q & A or booking a dedicated time-slot. Many questions centred around moving to cloud, load balancing and migrating processes from a test or development environment, into production.

It was fantastic to see a great turn out for a day full of insights.

Thank you to our hosts and guest speakers for making this event a success. If you would like to know more about MOVEit or have any additional questions please email

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