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Are you running an unsupported version of MOVEit?

Technical top tips for MOVEit MFT


You are probably aware that the following MOVEit products went End-of-Life last year:

  • MOVEit Transfer 8.3 (EOL: April 2019)
  • MOVEit Central 9.0 (EOL: April 2019)
  • MOVEit Transfer 2017 Plus (9.5) (EOL: December 2019)
  • MOVEit Transfer 2017 (9.0) (EOL: October 2019)
  • MOVEit Automation 2017 Plus (9.5) (EOL: December 2019)
  • MOVEit Automation 2017 (9.1) (EOL: 2019)

We have had several support tickets raised by customers who are running old versions of their software, so we wanted to remind you how important it is to upgrade.

Running unsupported FTP servers with outdated operating systems is a risk. Not only does this expose your organisation to malware, ransomware and other viruses, but it can affect your ISO 27001 accreditation, other compliance requirements and your own IT Security policy.

One particular issue is SSH ciphers, which have evolved quite a bit in the last few years. This has caused connectivity issues for several of our customers when target systems only accept newer more secure ciphers.

The latest versions are MOVEit Transfer 2019 and MOVEit Automation 2019 with MOVEit 2020 released on 11th May 2020. However, MOVEit Transfer 2017 Plus SP1 (9.6) onwards and MOVEit Automation 2017 Plus SP1 (9.6) onwards are generally available and currently supported.

Pro2col technical consultants can carry out an upgrade to a supported version of your software. If you are running a very old version or also need to upgrade the OS, this may be a multi-step process.

Equally, we can review your solution to see if new modules would help your requirements, or if MOVEit is still the right solution for you. Contact us for more details.

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