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Are you a MOVEit administrator who inherited the system from a previous colleague? And do you know about all the functional changes brought in with each new release? There could be features that would benefit your business, if only you knew what they were.

While most companies have some training when the system is first installed, knowledge gets lost as responsibility for the administration passes to other people. As result, many administrators are unaware of the full functionality of their MOVEit system.

Ipswitch offer administrator training courses for both MOVEit Automation and MOVEit Transfer, which provide the perfect opportunity to update your knowledge. These are designed for administrators who have some product knowledge, but are looking for assistance configuring elements of the software for optimum performance or security.

These training courses were developed as a collaboration between Ipswitch and Pro2col; as authors, we have unrivaled knowledge of the content.


MOVEit Transfer Administrator

The MOVEit Transfer Administrator course runs for a little over four hours and covers the following areas:

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Folders
  • Reporting
  • Settings
  • Webfarms

MOVEit Automation Administrator

The MOVEit Automation Administrator course runs just over three hours and focuses on best practices to get the most out of MOVEit. It includes:

  • Hosts
  • Tasks
  • Scripts
  • Reporting
  • System settings
  • Database
  • Backups

While these two courses address how best to manage your system, there is also a third course available – MOVEit Advanced Training – which looks at Automation in a lot more detail, explaining how to use some of the more advanced features of the product.

MOVEit Advanced Training

This training includes lab exercises which can either be performed on a customer test system, or on servers provided by the trainers. It includes the following modules:

  • Advanced Tasks
  • Reporting
  • Lookup Script
  • Command Line App
  • The API

Some of the course modules provide information that can’t be found elsewhere – for example using a task to generate usage reports and deliver the output directly to end users.

Book MOVEit Training

Here at Pro2col we are a MOVEit authorised training centre; in fact, we’re the only organisation other than Ipswitch certified to deliver this training.

We can deliver the training on premise for up to eight staff at a time, or remotely in a series of shorter blocks. Alternatively, we can design bespoke courses from the certified course material. This might be to bridge particular knowledge gaps, or provide an overview for your helpdesk to help with troubleshooting.

To book one of these options, or to discuss a course tailored to your requirements, please complete the online form. Alternatively you can call us on 0333 123 1240.

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