MOVEit stores data in the following places: the Windows registry, settings and state files, the Windows Certificate Store and in OpenPGP keyring files as well as either Microsoft SQL Server or the built‐in MySQL statistics database.

Ipswitch Failover automatically replicates its settings (e.g., Tasks, Hosts, Task Groups, Debug Settings), state information (e.g., new file timestamps), OpenPGP keyrings, certificates and keys, custom scripts and statistics from the Primary to the Secondary. Registry entries and file cache entries are not replicated; there are only a handful of “installation‐time” registry settings (e.g., the product license key), and the file cache is unique to each system that hosts the Primary and Secondary nodes.

Ipswitch Failover Data Sheet


Ipswitch Failover heartbeat communication between primary and secondary servers continuously replicates data at the windows kernel level ensuring zero data loss in the event of a failure.

What Next?

If the Primary node goes down;

Then the Secondary node will automatically take the Primary’s place within approximately three minutes and an email will be sent from the secondary node to the administrator to inform him of the failed primary node.


If the Primary node is up, but the Secondary node goes down;

Then the Primary will automatically queue updates for the Secondary and deliver them once the Secondary is either returned to service or has been physically replaced. The primary node will send an email alert to the administrator to inform him of the failed secondary node.