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5 Reasons to Consider Moving From WS_FTP Server to MOVEit?


Ipswitch WS_FTP Server is a fully featured FTP server built primarily to address a businesses FTP file transfer needs. If you’re an existing user it is likely to have served the purpose for which it was intended, but as business requirements change it could be that you need features that it doesn’t support. Ipswitch’s MOVEit is a complete Managed File Transfer software suite that addresses these limitations. Below we look at five key areas that MOVEit improves upon a WS_FTP Server installation.


  • Do you receive increased demands from your customers about data security?
  • Are you concerned about compliance with industry standards or legislation such as GDPR?
  • Do you want to ensure your data is encrypted at rest and not just in transit?
  • Are you looking for a controlled method of sending files? So end users don’t use multiple cloud-base solutions?

You’re not alone! Lots of companies installed WS_FTP Server to meet small tactical requirements or the needs of a specific customer.

Over recent years, the ways for transferring files have changed rapidly, so with end-users sharing data via CDs, USB sticks, Cloud services and email, IT rapidly loose control. Managed File Transfer passes back control to IT.

Have a look at the following blog item to see if Managed File Transfer (MFT) would be a good fit to address your expanding security requirements:


  • Do you have homegrown scripts which are difficult to manage and that only a few people know how to fix?
  • Do you need to integrate your solution with other systems such as SharePoint so your data is always in the right place at the right time?
  • Do you need to replace manual processes that currently require IT intervention?

Repetitive file transfer requirements are a cumbersome process in most FTP environments leaving organisations exposed to the risk of human error resulting in data loss. Scripting expertise costs money and the process of creating and managing tasks is time-consuming. Automating your file transfer workflows provides a governance mechanism that mitigates the risk of data loss and non-compliance fines.

If you need a scalable and standard-based solution, complete with detailed reporting and automated workflows have a look at our post below, examining common business uses for MOVEit Automation workflows.


  • Do you need visibility of all the data flowing in and out of your organisation?
  • Do you need to know a transfer has failed before your internal or external customer does, particularly those that impact upon SLA’s and other customer commitments?
  • Do you need to provide scheduled and automated reports to your internal and external customers?

FTP servers lack the degree of visibility and logging required for compliance certification. The logs should be tamper-evident and keep track of when a file was transferred, if it was received by the right party, and whether or not it was subsequently deleted.

If you need clear, compliant reporting and delegated permissions so teams can run their own systems, have a look at our Top Tip on reporting:

Ease of Use

  • Do you wish to reduce the number of manual housekeeping tasks required to keep your server running efficiently?
  • Would you like to be able to manage user account creation, expiration and folder sizes?
  • Do you need to apply different rules to different groups of users?
  • Do you have the need to enable secure two way ad-hoc transfers?

Users going around the system using multiple cloud sharing platforms, means that IT often cannot keep up with the demand and you could suffer from a lack of compliance, risks of unexpired users and delays in responding to customer requirements.

If you need a system where you can simply manage your users (whether they are internal or external, individuals or groups), automate the expiration of users, folders and files to reduce housekeeping and delegated management to reduce IT overload, have a look at our Top Tip below:


  • Has the number of files you transfer recently grown?
  • Has the size of files you transfer recently grown?
  • Have your customers requested file transfer options other than FTP?

Organisations often rely on IT to develop a collection of home-grown scripts to automate their file transfer activities. As the needs of the organisation grow, the scale and complexity of maintaining these scripts become unwieldy and can introduce unanticipated security gaps.

You want to avoid having users work around the system creating compliance issues, slow delivery to customers and hidden management costs due to running multiple solutions.

Ipswitch MOVEit provides a highly scalable architecture across all components of the solution. If providing a highly available file transfer infrastructure is important for your business MOVEit is a good fit. Further information on the architecture and solution design is available on the MOVEit HA datasheet below.

MOVEit Data Sheet – MOVEit High Availability Data Sheet
If you’re interested in a single, easy to use, scalable solution for system to system and person to person file sharing, as well as mobile and web access for non-technical users, call our pre-sales technical team on 0207 118 9640, who will provide you with a software demo, an evaluation license and pricing options.