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MOVEit Ad Hoc File Transfer – Secure Email

MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer gives end-users a secure and regulatory-compliant way, using their browser or Outlook, to quickly send messages and files of any size to other people in a way that is visible and managed by IT.

MOVEit Ad Hoc File Transfer can either be installed as a Stand Alone Service or as a module attached to MOVEit Transfer (DMZ) Server.

  • Self-service

    External users can self-register with no IT intervention required, and get up and running quickly

  • Customisable Text and Graphics

    Allows for branding of the Outlook plug-in and the web browser interface to create a custom look and feel for users

  • Quick Access with Web Browsers

    Simply log on to the Ad Hoc Transfer web page, define what files to send and whom to send them to, and click send

  • Microsoft Outlook Support

    Seamlessly integrate with your company’s business tools as users send files from a familiar email application

  • Shared Mailboxes

    Enables multiple users and groups to view and manage packages from a single mailbox