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Check the Performance of Your MOVEit Transfer System Today

MOVEit Transfer Health Check

MOVEit Transfer (formerly MOVEit DMZ) has the capacity to handle hundreds of thousands of files every day. Because of the volume of data that passes through the system, it requires regular system maintenance to keep performing at optimum efficiency. Luckily, most back end house-keeping tasks can be automated, but how the tool is configured may mean it’s not reaching optimal performance.

Pro2col technicians have extensive knowledge of the MOVEit software and can help you to achieve smooth operation of your system by performing a review of the implementation, either remotely for individual servers, or on-site for more complex landscapes.

A health check can uncover bottle necks, security issues, performance gaps and any inconsistencies with best practice. As Managed File Transfer becomes mission critical, this ensures an organisation isn’t taking any unnecessary or unknown risks.

Our MOVEit Transfer health check as a minimum includes a review of these areas:

  • Software version check (includes end of support and sunset date reviews)
  • Correct selection of SSL protocols
  • Firewall configuration
  • Server specification review (resource utilisation)
  • Backups
  • Continuity
  • Database – size, location and fragmentation
  • Scheduled tasks (including consistency checking)
  • Validate logging levels
  • User base, permissions and expiry policies
  • Reports
  • Housekeeping, archiving, automated folder cleaning
  • Analysis of transfers, patterns, sizes

If you would like to speak with either the pre-sales or technical team, you can contact them on +44 (0) 20 7118 9640.