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MOVEit High Availability

MOVEit Transfer has a flexible architecture that delivers scalability and high availability. MOVEit Transfer can be deployed with file systems and database on separate servers. It can also be deployed on 2 or more servers with a load balancer to support scalability requirements.
MOVEit Transfer High Availability Data Sheet

Below is a table identifying various configurations supported by MOVEit Transfer and the business requirement that might determine each configuration.


Ipswitch Failover is also available:

Delivering zero downtime, no data loss, and unified failover management by maximising availability of MOVEit Managed File Transfer with automated failover.

  • Ensures reliable file transfers for 24/7 operation
  • Safeguards against data loss
  • Simplifies and automates file transfer operations

Tiered architecture enables the deployment of MOVEit Transfer in a distributed configuration, with the application, database, and file system running on different machines. This configuration is flexible and can expand to provide increased file transfer performance and availability.

A deployment with multiple MOVEit Transfer (DMZ) nodes (a Web Farm) increases performance and availability by distributing the file transfer load.

Ipswitch Failover heartbeat communication between primary and secondary servers continuously replicates data at the windows kernel level ensuring zero data loss in the event of a failure.