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MOVEit Automation PGP Encryption using Veridis Software

MOVEit Automation PGP Module is an optional purchase module that enables PGP encryption and key management functions within MOVEit Automation, using commercially licensed software from Veridis.
MOVEit Automation PGP Data Sheet


Public Key Formats

  • OpenPGP (RFC 2440, 1991) Compression Algorithm
  • ZIP

The following functions are provided by the MOVEit Automation PGP Module:

  • Encrypt, Encrypt-and-Sign, and Decrypt Files as part of a new or existing task.
  • Create Public/Private Key Pairs and password protect each private key.
  • Import Public/Private Key Pairs from OpenPGP key generating applications, and password protect each imported private key.
  • Import ASCII-Armored and Binary Public Keys including multiple keys as a single file if (like GnuPG/GPG) the application exporting them can create such a file.
  • Export ASCII-Armored Public Keys as a text file, with the option to send the key to a specified address as an email file attachment.
  • Backup Keyring Contents in the vendor neutral ASCII-armored format.
  • View and Delete Keys on the MOVEit Automation keyring.

In addition to the above, the OpenPGP Module offers the ability to specify SHA1, SHA256 or SHA512 signing hash algorithms, and to force the use of older version 3 signatures (as per RFC 1991).


Symmetric Key Algorithms

  • AES-128, AES-192, AES-256
  • IDEA, 3DES (“Triple DES”)
  • CAST5 (RFC 2144), Twofish

Public Key Algorithms

  • DSA up to 1024 bits
  • RSA “legacy” up to 4096 bits
  • RSA up to 4096 bits