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MOVEit Automation ASx Protocols – Send and Receive using AS1, AS2 & AS3

The AS file transfer capabilities in MOVEit Automation with the ASx Module are provided using a tightly integrated copy of “IP*Works! EDI .NET Edition” software that has been commercially licensed from /n software, and which has been AS2 interoperability tested and certified as “eBusinessReadyTM” by Drummond Group.

MOVEit Automation controls AS transfers just like it does any other transfer; all are automated, scheduled and managed using easy-to-create tasks — no programming required.


MOVEit Central ASx1

 With the ASx Module MOVEit Automation also has the optional ability to:

  • Send and receive files with AS1 via email servers
  • Send files with AS2 and receive back synchronous MDNs. To receive files via AS2 or send files with AS2 and receive back Asynchronous MDNs MOVEit Transfer is also required
  • Send and receive files with AS3 via FTP or FTPS. An FTP or FTPS server may be require depending on your business case; MOVEit Transfer can be used for this purpose.

Current versions of the MOVEit Automation ASx module support:

  • Storage and viewing of the MDN directly in the MOVEit Automation reports view
  • Authenticated and unauthenticated HTTP/HTTPS transmissions in AS2
  • Sending multiple files in a single AS2 transaction