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MOVEit Automation API – Enables Easy Intergration

The MOVEit Automation API module permits unlimited use of the MOVEit Automation application programming interface (API) and MOVEit Automation command-line clients, Java class, and COM component.

Third-party programs, scripts and developers can access the following file transfer and processing functions;

  • Create temporary tasks
  • Clone tasks from templates
  • Select existing sources, destinations, processes, paths and files dynamically – Input new source, destination, paths and files dynamically
  • Start task runs
  • Receive task status data

Once a task is started, the MOVEit Automation API Module can wait for it to complete or can return control to the initiator. Either way, the following status data is returned to the initiator in XML, CSV or HTML:

  • A list of files transferred with file size and transfer speed data
  • Details on any processes performed on the files
  • A list of any applicable error codes and descriptions.