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MOVEit API Interface Option – Third-Party Access to MOVEit Transfer

The MOVEit API interface and clients offer third-party programs (including Web applications) programmatic access to a wide variety of MOVEit Transfer (DMZ) services and administrative capabilities.


MOVEit Transfer API Interface Data Sheet

Third-party programs (including Web applications) can access a wide variety of administrative capabilities – giving the ability to:

  • Create, transfer and delete files, messages and Web form postings
  • Create, manage and delete users, folders and permissions
  • Securely store files, messages and Web form postings
  • Run pre-defined reports and create and run custom reports
  • Utilize the built-in MOVEit user database
  • Retrieve detailed status and report data about the above

The MOVEit API also enables management of SSH keys and SSL certificates. Programmers can use the COM or Java API for programmatic SSH key and SSL certificate management. SSH keys and SSL certificates can be automatically imported, added, removed, and listed to user accounts.