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MOVEit 2021 in review

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Pro2col’s MOVEit expert Richard Auger, reviews MOVEit 2021 and looks at some of the key enhancements. He gives a first look opinion piece of the software and how MOVEit 2021 compares with its previous version (2020).

MOVEit Transfer

Transfer now allows you to rotate your encryption keys, allowing you to periodically re-encrypt your entire system.  You manage this on an ORG by ORG level when logged in as sysadmin.  You can schedule the rotation at regular intervals as a way of further securing your system.  This is a nice feature that allows a little more peace of mind when thinking of the MOVEit already well-secured MOVEit filesystems.

The desktop client is a little more visible now – a link to download it has been placed in the action pane.  For me, this causes a few issues that I wasn’t happy about: The link takes me to https://www.ipswitch.com/ not the Progress site, the installer is marked as 2020.1, and I would rather it actually be stored locally for distribution.  You can, however, disable this link by updating the display profile in use.  The client has multi-factor authentication enabled now, which helps to secure it.


There have been some improvements in the logging – you can now decide how frequently you will write to the log files by setting a flush interval.  This is useful when you are looking at a problem ‘live’ (rather than retrospectively).



Other changes to note:

You can now brand emails in the same way as for the website itself.


You can select a second email address for critical alerts to go to, instead of just using the standard ‘error’ notification address.  For example, you can avoid sending an email to the server support team in the event of a blocked user.

MOVEit Automation

There are several enhancements to Automation – the first of which is the expansion of the S3 connector to allow S3 compatible storage to be used – useful when considering the growing number of S3 contenders in the marketplace.

As more people make their Automation web GUI publicly available, a user/IP lockout policy has been introduced.  You can also set a ‘trusted’ IP address list.

Notification emails have been improved to allow HTML format mails to be sent. Not only can you improve the appearance of emails, but you can also pass HTML tags as a parameter into the body of the email (so for example, create a parameter for an HTML table to show all the files processed by the task.

The task builder has also been improved, allowing drag and drop of task elements.


Both Transfer and Automation have been enhanced sufficiently in this MOVEit 2021 release to make it worthwhile upgrading at the earliest convenience.