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What's new with MOVEit 2020.1?

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The MOVEit 2020.1 release delivers a number of improvements to both Transfer and Automation, most of which focus on expanding functionality and improving end user experience.


MOVEit Transfer

MOVEit Transfer 2020.1 streamlines the end user login process by utilising SAML 2.0 to introduce single sign-on (SSO) as an authentication source. This is on top of improved optimisation of the login performance, which allows users to access Transfer as quickly and seamlessly as possible. In addition to enabling access via a web browser, SSO logins are also supported on the mobile and desktop clients.

The 2020.1 documentation states the below identity providers are supported, however any identity provider that supports the SAML 2.0 protocol should be compatible:

  • Windows Server ADFS – 4.0 & 5.0
  • OneLogin
  • Shibboleth


MOVEit Gateway

MOVEit Gateway now has extended functionality for multi-organisational setups, allowing administrators to configure the gateway to route traffic to different endpoints for each organisation. This means the URL and login page can be customised depending on the organisation, providing clarity to users about the platform they’re accessing.


MOVEit Automation

Additions to Automation include a new SharePoint host, which works alongside Automation’s S3 and Blob connectors to further expand the application’s ability to work with cloud storage. This is particularly useful for organisations that are expanding and adapting their infrastructure.



This release also improves the integration between Automation and SMTP, adding the option to specify a name when setting up the from address on the SMTP host. This provides a clearer and more professional looking email notification, which could be particularly helpful if you’re sending notifications or files to users, as it will make the emails appear more trustworthy, and therefore less likely to be blocked by spam filters.




The Admin Console

A small yet effective update to the admin console’s security is the requirement to enter credentials even if people are connecting over localhost. Previously, if someone was able to gain RDP access to the server, it was likely they would have been able to gain full access to Automation without entering any further credentials.

Another change effective within both Transfer and Automation is the added support for MS SQL Server 2019 as a database, making MOVEit 2020.1 an appealing upgrade if your organisation is looking to future proof the application.


REST Functionality

The final changes are to the REST functionality. As outlined below, most of the additions are for Transfer, however Automation benefits from new functionality for reporting on the scheduler status. This could be useful for system monitoring.


  • Log and audit data access
  • Create/define an organisation
  • Implement and manage password aging and user expiration policies
  • Log retention settings
  • Report import


  • Get scheduler status


Upgrade Today

Upgrading to the 2020.1 release is something that we recommend not only for the new features but also for bug fixes. The 2020 version of Transfer included numerous hotfixes which are bundled into 2020.1. We would therefore recommend anyone currently using the 2020 release to upgrade at their earliest convenience.

You can see these changes for yourself in the ‘What’s new?’ webinar on Tuesday 10th November 2020 at 2pm (GMT). Register now.