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Is it time to move on from WS_FTP?

Get 30% discount when you upgrade to Progress MOVEit Transfer
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Have your requirements changed and is it time to upgrade from WS_FTP? Get 30% discount when you upgrade to Progress MOVEit Transfer.

FTP Servers like WS_FTP are a proven method for transferring large files between users or systems. WS_FTP is reliable and secure, supporting secure file transfer protocols.

However, FTP Servers typically lack the controls required for more stringent operational or regulatory compliance requirements; critically, encryption at rest.

If you are spending too much time and money supporting multiple file transfer solutions, or you need the following functionality, it may be time to upgrade:

  • Compliance with GDPR and/or PCI DSS
  • End-to-end encryption for the movement of files
  • Tracking the movement and status of all files
  • Increased security
  • File delivery confirmation
  • File expiration
  • Controlled options for secure file sharing with external partners or remote workers.

If you need this level of functionality, it is time to invest in a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution.

MOVEit file transfer system lets you manage, view, secure and control all file transfer activity through a single system. You will always know where your files are with predictable, secure delivery and extensive reporting and monitoring. MOVEit reduces the need for hands-on IT involvement and allows for user self-service as needed. It provides the perfect solution for secure file transfer to meet security and compliance needs in any industry and company size, while reducing administration time and costs. You can install MOVEit Transfer in your datacentre or private cloud or opt for MOVEitCloud.

We are currently offering WS_FTP users a 30% discount when they upgrade to a MOVEit Transfer solution before 30th August 2020.

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