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Our Managed File Transfer experts have reviewed the latest release, MOVEit 2019.2. This technical top tip explains the enhanced file uploader and REST API capability for MOVEit Transfer, and POP3 security for MOVEit Automation.


MOVEit Transfer upload wizard

The improvements to MOVEit Transfer come off the back of the expanded REST API functionality, namely the chunked file upload. This API enhancement allows large files to be uploaded without being limited by a web server’s restrictions on content size. This is particularly useful for the new upload wizard which now supports large file uploads.

The upload wizard now utilises the resumable file upload API. This allows stopped uploads to be retried, resuming from where they had previously stopped.

It is now built on Javascript with the old ActiveX wizard being deprecated. (The ActiveX version can be enabled by the Sysadmin though, if it’s required for compatibility).

And lastly, the upload wizard now has an expandable notes box, making it easier to use if you are entering lots of text.

Other API enhancements now include the ability to:

  • Manage Contacts List
  • Get User Quota Information
  • Return Folder List Permissions for a User
  • Filter users that have accessed or not accessed folders
  • Copy a Folder
  • Move a File or Folder
  • Get MOVEit Transfer Server Version

There are also numerous bug fixes and RSA DLP has been removed due to end of life.

MOVEit Automation

MOVEit 2019.2 brings improvements to Automation’s POP3 security. Connections can now be secured by SSL.

The other main changes to Automation are to the versions of MySQL, Tomcat, OpenSSL and IP works DLL that are installed by the installer.

As always, if you have a Pro2col support contract and need help upgrading, please get in touch. Email support@pro2colgroup.com and one of our technical consultants will contact you. If you would like us to complete the upgrade for you, please contact us to request a quote.

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