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I’ve just upgraded the Pro2col MOVEit servers to MOVEit 2019.1 and would like to share some of my findings and opinions on the new release.


MOVEit Automation

I’ll start with system requirements. Windows Server 2019 is now supported, in addition to 2012R2 and 2016. The packaged MySQL (and consequently the MySQL connector) has been upgraded from 5.7 to 8.0. The release notes claim that a range of ICAP-based AV and DLP solutions are now supported, although I believe this statement is an error; it looks like the AV requirements have been lifted verbatim from the Transfer 2019 release notes.

My first take on Automation is that 2019.1 looks much the same as 2019. I did find the 2019.1 dashboard loads quicker, when I ran cloned systems side-by-side for comparison. Aside from that there is no difference between the dashboards.

The last real change between the VB Admin and Web Admin GUI has now been partially addressed with the introduction of groups and permissions inside the web admin interface.

It’s easy to add a ‘resource group’ (renamed from ‘groups’ in the previous version to reduce confusion).  Populating the group with tasks, hosts etc is straightforward, after which you can associate local or domain groups. Unlike the VB Admin permissions management, you cannot create Windows groups however.

There are a handful of updates and enhancements which will mostly go unnoticed. For example, there’s a new version of MySQL and some new REST API resources. There is, however, a new version of the zip/unzip scripts, which has been upgraded to use 7-zip. Functionally it behaves in the same way as before. There was already a version of the zip scripts (using 7-zip) for when the existing scripts couldn’t handle operations with larger files. This is now formalised in the new version.


MOVEit Transfer

Similar to MOVEit Automation, Transfer has now been updated to run on Windows Server 2019, and MySQL is also upgraded to 8.0.16. There are new versions of Java and JQuery, which should be welcomed by anyone currently failing pen tests in this area. I like that Transfer is now fully 64bit, although admittedly I have not yet seen any benefits from this.  One new feature I really quite like is that there are now MOVEit PerfMon counters to be captured. You can access these counters by a variety of means, including PowerShell. This is especially useful if you combine them with REST API transfers, as it allows you to check how busy your Transfer server is before deciding whether to upload a large file.

My MOVEit Transfer server is using local storage, but one of the most interesting changes in MOVEit Transfer 2019.1 is the ability to use Azure encryption if you are using Azure blob storage. Doing this will reduce the resource usage on the MOVEit server and shift it to Azure – which should be able to handle it better – rather than MOVEit.

There are no obvious changes in the web interface.



So in summary, whilst this release has a small number of new features, it mostly focuses on performance and bringing out-of-date components inline. This makes it more appealing to security offices than administrators. It is too soon after the recent takeover by Progress for any significant changes in direction to have filtered down to the application.

As always, if you have a Pro2col support contract and need help upgrading, please get in touch. Email support@pro2colgroup.com and one of our technical consultants will contact you. If you would like us to complete the upgrade for you, please contact us to request a quote.

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