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MOVEit Transfer 2019

Here at Pro2col we have just upgraded our MOVEit systems from 2018 SP2 to 2019. Here are our first thoughts:

The upgrade from Transfer 2018 SP2 to Transfer 2019 was extremely short, although clearly this would be longer when updating a system with more data in it. According to the installation guide however, Ipswitch have taken steps to reduce the time required in all cases.

Our MOVEit Transfer server is not making use of Microsoft Azure, but if your server is in Azure already, this version will allow you to store your files directly in Azure Blob storage. If you are upgrading (as opposed to a fresh install), you will need to run the ‘MOVEit Transfer Azure Blob Storage Conversion Assistant’ after the upgrade to 2019 has completed.

As of Transfer 2018 SP2 , you can use Azure SQL as your DB provider.

If you’ve started using the ‘Live View’ feature introduced in 2018 SP2, you’ll notice that 2019 brings a little more functionality. One small criticism that I have is that you must choose one of the four categories – it would perhaps be useful to be able to see all past transactions, regardless of the success or failure.

It’s quite straightforward to drill down on an entry for more detail, including either getting all details of a transaction or all recent transfers for a given userid.

A nice new feature is the ability to use security challenge questions. Assuming that you allow users to reset their own passwords, if you turn this on users will be prompted to enter a question set when they next login.

The questions are a canned set and there is unfortunately no obvious way to change them from the standard set. However, the questions don’t seem to be a common set used everywhere on the internet.

As a user, once you’ve entered the questions, you can change them at any time by using the ‘my account’ link and supplying your password.

The answers are stored in the database in a hash in the ‘usersecurityquestions’ table.  There is no obvious way for anyone to extract the answers.

Technically speaking, one of the most important changes that you probably won’t see is that the SFTP dll has been updated to 64 bit. This will obviously have a big impact on performance if you handle a large number of SFTP transactions.

For the number of changes that are in this version of MOVEit Transfer, I would not rush to upgrade unless there is a need to make use of Azure or to bolster SFTP performance. Having said that, I would recommend new installs to go to this version immediately.

MOVEit Automation 2019

This was a really straightforward installation, but not as quick as Transfer. For new installations, you can now make use of Azure SQL DB for the database backend, while for upgrades you will have to complete the upgrade, then run the conversion utility afterwards. The same utility is used to convert from MySQL to Azure SQL as for MySQL to MS SQL; there is no specific utility to migrate from MS SQL to Azure and it is assumed that this is outside the scope of MOVEit.

No configuration was required prior to launching the web admin console and all settings were retained.

The MOVEit Automation 2019 Admin console is still available, however it becomes less and less important with each version – the number of functions that can only be performed through the web console is growing, the newest (and most awaited) is the system log.

The log is dynamic, searchable and may be filtered.  The only drawback I can see so far is that you cannot filter on a task name, unless the name appears in the ‘message’ field.

There is however still a function that requires the older admin console; permissions management (i.e. delegated permissions).

Logs of the last five executions of any tasks are now being stored on the Automation server – these can be downloaded from the web console. If you find that your system is being negatively impacted (storage issue or memory required to write the logs), you can turn this off. You cannot override this at a task level however, only at system.

I like this new version of MOVEit Automation; the dashboard continues to get better and the logging functions are really useful – I would recommend users to upgrade in order to see the benefits of the logging via the web admin console.

Need help upgrading?

Pro2col technical consultants can carry out an in-place upgrade to newly released versions of your software. For more complicated upgrades you may need to deactivate and reactivate your solution, and would require a trial licence. We can arrange that all for you and carry out the upgrade. Contact us for a quote.

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