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Ipswitch released the latest version of the MOVEit product suite for beta testing last month. If you have not had the chance to download and check out what’s new, here are the highlights.


MOVEit Transfer 2018

Transfer has three new toys to play with, two of which have been on people’s wish lists for some time now. The first of these is Secure Folder Sharing.


Secure Folder Sharing

End users can now create temporary users and grant them access to a folder themselves. To set this up, the administrator grants a user ‘share’ access to a folder using a new permission in the folder settings:


So in this instance the user ‘Bob’ (the ‘sharer’) will be able to create a new temp user, also by using the folder settings:


The external user (the ‘sharee’) then receives an invite to log in to the system in much the same way as a package user (and indeed, a user can be both). To avoid confusion, you may want to update the default temp user display profile so that it no longer takes the new user straight into their mailbox.

MOVEit Client

Next up, we have the new MOVEit Client.

This gets installed on client machines and doesn’t require any special rights to install. Users can upload and download files freely using the client, which makes desktop integration smoother. Both ‘drag and drop’ and the browse for folders methods work.

While the new client might not sound that exciting, it’s worth mentioning that it’s available on Windows, Mac AND Linux.


The final big change for Transfer is the introduction of a RESTful API. This offers an alternative method to the old COM object approach. Ipswitch have provided a number of example powershell and curl scripts to work from, which should be enough to get most people started. Pointing a browser to https://localhost/api/v1/swagger shows a plethora of commands ready for use (all described in the documentation).

Another couple of changes worth mentioning are an upgrade to the MOVEit Mobile Tomcat server version, plus the ability to configure MOVEit to send mails using an SSL/TLS connection. While this last is a welcome change, this functionality was already available if you installed a local mail relay on the server as detailed here: https://docs.ipswitch.com/MOVEit/DMZ90/Help/Admin/en/index.htm#23455.htm
You should in fact still do this if your system generates a high volume of emails.

MOVEit Automation

There are three important changes for MOVEit Automation too; the first of these is the introduction of Amazon S3 buckets as a host type.

Amazon S3 buckets

I spent some time over the last few months writing S3 connector scripts, but being able to simply add an S3 host works much better.

The setup is straightforward, but it does come with the glimpse into the future; you can only manage the host via the web console, although it is still visible from the old VB client.

I found uploads and downloads was as simple as any other host type.


The second big change is the introduction of powershell as an alternative to VB for custom scripts. If you are one of the majority of administrators who have taken to powershell, this is without doubt the best new feature…


… You no longer have to call powershell from the command line app in order to get to your script of choice.

Again though, you can only create powershell scripts from the webadmin interface. Unlike the VB scripts, there are no pre-loaded templates available for powershell. You need to create the script outside of MOVEit, then import the saved ps1 file. However, after import, you can edit the script in the browser. Both the display and editor functions colour code the script, simplifying its management, which is a nice feature.


The final major change for MOVEit Automation is the introduction of RESTful API. In the same way as for Transfer, you can interact with Automation via the REST API. And it isn’t just restricted to task manipulation; you can use the REST API to stop the scheduler, check for any running tasks and stop them if necessary before finally stopping the service. This makes it possible to perform controlled shutdowns for Windows patching.

And the fun doesn’t stop there – the REST API is available for use in powershell scripts executed in tasks, allowing you to reach any host publishing a REST interface.

So, in summary, this is the most significant set of changes to the MOVEit suite for some time. Everyone should benefit in some way or another from these updates and I look forward to its official release next month.

Please note that Secure Folders will be chargeable for existing customers unless they have MOVEit Premium and will only work on the latest version of the software. Please contact your account manager to find out more.

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