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This Top Tip reviews the new release of MOVEit 2017 Plus SP1.

MOVEit Transfer

The new version of MOVEit Transfer 2017 (Plus SP1) installs quite simply, upgrading in a short amount of time.  The login screen is unchanged, but once you’ve signed on you’ll notice that the home page is quite different in this release.

As you can see, Ipswitch is switching to bold visuals. These draw the eye to key functions, saving you time scanning lines of options before selecting the one you want.  All options fit easily and neatly onto the page now, with the upload and package options sitting top and central (package options are only available if you have licenced the Ad-Hoc module).


Click the Upload button and you’ll see arguably the most long-awaited change… Drag and drop functionality has been introduced!




Another nice feature that’s been added is the ability to request files. This creates a tempuser, sends them a logon invitation, then sends a request with a link to upload files to.

If you are already running Transfer 2017 Plus, you might want to hold off upgrading until the next release. There are no security updates and only a couple of minor fixes. If you are on an older version though, then it is worthwhile upgrading. You’ll get the many benefits of 2017 Plus as well – notably the Multi-Factor Authentication.

Please be aware of the requirements for browsers before attempting an upgrade. The minimum version of Internet Explorer is 11.

Finally, the newest version of the Mobile app has been updated to reflect the icons used in the rest of the system. You can’t request files, only exchange files or send packages:

Currently Ipswitch support MOVEit DMZ 8.2, 8.3, MOVEit Transfer 2017, 2017 Plus, 2017 Plus SP1. MOVEit DMZ 8.2 reaches end-of-life on 10th November 2017.

MOVEit Automation



In MOVEit Automation, the changes are not so obvious and apply primarily to the Web Admin tool.  For example, the gear icon and menu icons have been changed to a three dot menu to give a standard feel throughout the application.



Additionally, the available functions under Bulk Actions has been expanded for historical reporting activities. Task import has been added as an option when adding a new task (unavailable before).

There are some fixes for the web browser, but the only changes for the core application are the resolution of some SSH issues.

If you already make use of the web user interface or you have been experiencing the SSH issues resolved in this fix, then it makes sense to upgrade to SP1.  Overall however there are no major changes in this version that would require an upgrade from one of the currently supported versions of MOVEit Automation.

Currently Ipswitch support MOVEit Central version 9, and MOVEit Automation 2017, 2017 Plus, 2017 Plus SP1.

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