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How To Automatically Generate Ipswitch Analytics Reports

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Top Tips

Ipswitch Analytics provides the ability to produce reports based upon a schedule that you define within the application.  The process of scheduling reports is quite straightforward; start by clicking the Schedules tab within the Reports section.


Initially, there will not be any schedules available and you will receive a message informing you to create one.  Clicking the “Create” button on the top left corner of the screen will present you with a list of report templates that are available to you (there may be private templates that other users have created but not shared).  Custom reports will appear at the top of the list above the default templates.  Select the report template that you wish to schedule by clicking it.  

You will now be presented with the schedule creation screen.  Enter a name for your report schedule and select the time period that you wish to report upon.


Use the preferences button to determine how you would like to receive the output of the report.  The actual report name can include macros to customise it (for example for dates).  You don’t need to know the different macro types as you can select them from the Macro drop-down box.  In the example below the report will be named “My Transfers Report for <This Month> <This Year>”.  As you would expect, PDF and CSV attachments are delivered via email, whilst “Report in Library” stores the report inside Ipswitch Analytics.


Next, select the recipient(s) for the report


Finally, select the frequency that you wish to execute the report at:


Selection of when to execute the report works in much the same way as with any other scheduler – you select which days or frequency you want to execute the report on and set the start time.  The minimum interval that you can use is Hourly, however if for some reason you require a smaller time frame, simply create two schedules for the same report and offset the start times.  Optionally, you can elect to stop scheduling the report after a set date.

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