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Visiting Ipswitch in the USA

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Ipswitch Partner

The Inside Track On Product Roadmaps

Last week was my first visit to the US. I didn’t think it was a big deal but everyone I spoke to was shocked, it seems I was the last of my friends to make the trip across the Atlantic.

Knowing that 3 foot of snow had been dumped on the East Coast that week I was expecting the worse when we touched down in Boston. I’m glad to say that they hadn’t been so unlucky and the snow had already been cleared into large piles away from roads, car parks and most importantly the runways! It was still bitterly cold though.

Ipswitch_Offices_Snow_SmallI’d already met most of Ipswitch’s Executive team on their trips to Europe, but this was a chance to meet them on their own turf and get some deep insight into the vendor’s product roadmaps for 2016 and beyond. The sessions proved to be very insightful, and you can easily understand that I can’t reveal the critical and confidential information they shared with me about their new products about to be released. But I can tell you that I know a lot of our customers will be delighted with Ipswitch R&D efforts.

Whilst we were there Ipswitch asked us to make a brief video for their Virtual Summit in March. If you’re lucky enough to dial-in to find out what’s great and good about Ipswitch in 2016, you may be lucky enough to see a video of yours truly telling potential partners how great Ipswitch are to work with.

This trip proved to be too short to go and see the Celtic’s play, but given the importance of our relationship with Ipswitch as one of our strategic vendors I expect we’ll be back next year. Maybe next time we’ll see just a little more snow!