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Introducing Ipswitch Failover

by | Sep 23, 2015 | New Release

Zero Downtime and no Data Loss

Ipswitch announced the release of Ipswitch Failover, a new MOVEit Managed File Transfer module that delivers zero data loss, no single point of failure and maximised availability through fast failover. Ipswitch Failover enables IT teams to provide highly available continuous file transfer operations and safeguard against data loss for regulatory and policy compliance with a simplified, easy to implement solution.

Ipswitch Failover Diagram

With Ipswitch Failover, businesses can:


  • Ensure high availability, continuous file transfers for 24x7 operations: Maximize file transfer success of business critical and sensitive data. Failover within a single datacenter, or to remote disaster recovery sites within seconds or minutes. Predictive and automated rule-based failover ensures continuous operations.
  • Safeguard against data loss for regulatory and policy compliance: Heartbeat communication between primary and failover servers allows for zero data loss in the event of failure. No single point of failure delivers 24x7 operations for MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ) and MOVEit Central servers.
  • Quickly implement simplified, yet advanced failover: Implement failover in as little as an hour for local failover. No additional hardware and software for load balancing is required.

Ipswitch-FT-Logo_Transparent“As today’s businesses are faced with the growing demand for data movement and increased regulations, organisations need to ensure the safety of sensitive company data and reliable file transfers,”
“Ipswitch Failover provides IT teams with the necessary solution to guarantee zero data loss across an organisation while also simplifying file transfer operations.”

Steve Staden

Director of Product Management at Ipswitch

For more information about MOVEit Managed File Transfer High Availability methods, including Ipswitch Failover, please visit: https://www.moveitmanagedfiletransfer.com/modules/moveit-high-availability/

For more information about MOVEit Central Failover, please visit: https://www.moveitmanagedfiletransfer.com/modules/moveit-central-failover/