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Ipswitch Analytics for MOVEit File Transfer Released

by | Jun 4, 2015 | New Release

New analytics product helps ensure secure, reliable and auditable file transfers between employees, customers and trading partners.

Ipswitch announce the release of Ipswitch Analytics, a new reporting and monitoring solution for MOVEit™ Secure Managed File Transfer, that ensures reliable, cost-effective and auditable file transfers. With Ipswitch Analytics, IT teams gain deep insight into business critical file transfers through an innovative analytics engine that includes an interactive activity monitor, automated report creation and distribution, and fine-grained access control.

Ipswitch Analytics accesses and consolidates data from all MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ) and MOVEit Central servers. Authorised users are able to monitor MOVEit activity in popular web browsers from any device. Ipswitch Analytics also simplifies the audit process by managing workflow, transfer, security and audit activity in one centralised location.

Ipswitch Analytics Diagram

“MOVEit products have power and agility that allows us to manage, schedule and monitor a very large volume of critical file transfers from an intuitive central console,”

“Ipswitch Analytics looks like it’ll extend that flexible visibility for us by automatically generating and distributing a consolidated report of file transfer activity to our operations and support staff. It will help streamline management and troubleshooting of file transfers and enable our staff to improve support of their customers. I anticipate it’ll also improve file transfer trend analytics too.”

Scott Oakes

Systems Administrator, LendingTools.com

With Ipswitch Analytics, businesses can:

  • Ensure reliable file transfers: Track MOVEit performance indicators such as successful transfers by end-point, peak load performance and total throughput trends.
  • Automate reporting and distribution for Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and policy compliance: Customize reports, establish distribution lists with fine-grained access control and schedule auto-generated reports for delivery. Email alerts are sent to authorised users as reports are generated.
  • Manage workflow, transfer, security and audit activity in one place: Maintain a single view of all MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ) and MOVEit Central Servers activity. Manage key parameters for all file transfer processes such as transfer status, user access, encryption and file formatting to make data-driven decisions.
  • Simplify the audit process: Use out-of-the-box report templates or easily create custom reports. Drag-and-drop elements to organise presentation of key metrics to validate compliance with SLA, regulatory and corporate policies.

For more information about Ipswitch Analytics please visit here or contact the team on 0333 123 1240.