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MOVEit File Transfer

The Secure Hub IT Needs for Moving Files

The Trusted Choice for Secure Managed File Transfer

MOVEit is an automated file transfer system that lets you manage, view, secure and control all activity through a single system. You will always know where your files are with predictable, secure delivery and extensive reporting. MOVEit reduces the need for IT hands-on involvement and allows for user self-service as needed.  You can choose to implement MOVEit as an On Premise or Cloud solution – or hybrid.



MOVEit™ is a comprehensive automated file transfer system that gives companies the ability to:

  • Manage all file transfer activity from a central location
  • Transfer sensitive business files reliably and securely 24/7
  • Automate file-based business processes
  • Enable employees to easily send files
  • Gain greater visibility over file transfer activity
  • Meet security and compliance requirements
  • Integrate with existing IT security infrastructure
  • Deploy on-premise or in the cloud

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Key Features of MOVEit File Transfer

Reliably transfer files

The heart of MOVEit File Transfer is a trusted, proven server that has reliably and predictably transferred files for thousands of customers and millions of users. In fact, companies in the most data-sensitive industries – including finance and healthcare – trust Ipswitch to safely – and confidently – send information between employees, business partners, customers, and applications.

Connect with any system, server or client with the broadest set of protocols

With MOVEit, you can transfer business-critical files through a single system. MOVEit’s breadth of hardened protocols (HTTPS, FTPS, SFTP, and AS2) enables the security and flexibility to connect to almost any system, server or client.

Protect files in transit and at rest

MOVEit File Transfer secures sensitive information – whether in motion or at rest – through all transfer phases. It does so by leveraging a broad set of security capabilities, including proven encryption (FIPS 140-2 validated AES), strong sender and receiver authentication and delivery confirmation. And most importantly, MOVEit File Transfer lets you enforce user, system and file security policies.

Gain visibility and control over file transfer activity

Once you adopt MOVEit File Transfer, you’ll immediately gain better visibility and control over file activity. You’ll be able to control and understand all file movement and status. As a result, you’ll know where files are at all times.

Confidently meet SLAs and compliance requirements

MOVEit File Transfer notifies you of all file transfer activity and provides pre-defined and customisable reports from a secure, tamper-evident database helping you comply with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Available on-premise or in the cloud

You can deploy MOVEit File Transfer on-premise or in the cloud, choosing where your data resides based on what’s appropriate for your organisation. Both provide full-featured, secure managed file transfer from a company trusted by even the most data-sensitive industries.

Optional Modules

  • Ad Hoc:
    IT approved method for employees to send sensitive files easily.
  • Mobile:
    Enables mobile users to reliably and productively participate in file-based business processes securely.
  • High Availability:
    Multiple, tiered systems guarantee continuous 24/7 availability.
  • Multi Tenancy Option:
    Partitions each client’s data and configuration, so that all client organisations run simultaneously on the same system, without any interaction.
  • API Interface:
    Third party control of MOVEit services and administrative functions, enabling integration with existing solutions.

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