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MOVEit Ad Hoc

IT Approved Method for Employees to Send Sensitive Files

To get their work done, employees are circumventing IT by turning to consumer cloud-based file sharing services. While convenient for them, this creates a number of challenges related to control, visibility, and security. MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer resolves this conflict by giving both employees and IT what they need.

MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer:

  • Allows employees to send large and sensitive files securely
  • Uses Microsoft Outlook or a web browser for easy user adoption
  • Reduces email throughput and storage requirements
  • Provides the visibility, control, and security of an enterprise-class managed file transfer system
  • Available on-premise or in the cloud


Key Capabilities of MOVEIT Ad Hoc Transfer

Safely transfer large and sensitive files: With no email size limitations or restrictions, employees can transfer virtually any file while meeting IT requirements and standards. With the latest in security technologies, including single sign-on via SAML 2.0 integration to Identity Provider Systems. MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer encrypts email attachments in transit and at rest while meeting visibility and control requirements.

Leverage systems employees already use: Your employees can send and receive files using Microsoft Outlook or a simple web browser, making it easy to adopt. Maintain productivity, comply with your security policies, and avoid wasting time training your staff on new systems and processes.

Reduce email throughput and storage requirements: MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer eliminates email size limits by offloading attachments and sending them outside of the email system. The system reduces the costs, time, and headaches associated with managing oversized email attachments. Plus, it eliminates email failures and overflowing mailboxes and keeps end users happy and productive.

Provides the visibility, control, and security of an enterprise-class managed file transfer system: Now you can deploy just one system to handle both person-to-person and enterprise managed file transfer. Because MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer is part of Ipswitch’s Managed File Transfer system, you can take advantage of the most comprehensive Managed File Transfer system available. Get the visibility and control over your file transfers that IT and your business needs.


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