MOVEit Mobile

MOVEit Mobile enables mobile workers to reliably and productively participate in file-based business process workflows, while providing IT the security, visibility and control required to confidently run their business and meet compliance requirements.

MOVEit Mobile Image

  • Enables mobile users to participate in business processes

    Familiar MOVEit secure file transfer capabilities made available to mobile users to access and transfer files, conduct person-to-person transfers and participate in automated workflows. Complete with secure sign-on and basic account management.

  • Supports most popular devices

    Aps are available for both iOS (inc. iPhone and iPad) and Android (inc. Nexus and Galaxy) devices. MOVEit Mobile integrates with device applications and can capture and securely share photos taken on the device.

  • Visibility and control of mobile file transfers by IT

    With MOVEit Mobile IT has visibility and control over all file transfer processes, managing automated tasks and file transfers, to enable complete audit reporting. IT can also control user access and enable single sign-on via SAML 2.0 integration to Identify Provider systems.

  • Customisable

    A business can custom brand the MOVEit app to reflect organisational branding.